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    New year, new opportunities !

    We are excited to be working with Walsall College offering the work element of the brand new T- level qualifications. A T-level is a new qualification for people aged 16-18 following their GCSEs. We are offering them the practical element to their qualification while at college, which will allow them to finish with the equivalent of 3 A-levels.

    A T-level is a mixture between work life and college, allowing the student to spend time in the classroom learning all of the skills and the theoretical knowledge, combined with a work placement (opportunity offered by an established business) and then shine in a future employment opportunity at the end of their course.

    Hitting the ground running is something all employers are now looking for in new hires, and the T-levels qualification is one way to obtain the work experience and also the qualifications needed to go into a business confidently, with the skills needed to succeed from Day One. The beauty of a T-level is that offers the student the opportunity to gain UCAS points, giving them enough chances to get into the University course that the learner was after – if that is the path they choose to go on.

    Just as we are excited to offer the best chances of succeeding to the employees who chose us in order to upskill their work profile and qualifications, we are looking forward to helping the T-levels students obtain the tools needed for a future success.

    All our efforts will allow completers to walk straight into the industry confidently, with experience and knowledge, that we have been proud to teach them.


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