This Service Level Agreement page sets out HR’s commitment to our staff here at LPF. As you will appreciate, we are a very busy department and get numerous requests every day. No request is too small (within reason) and all requests do get looked at but as you will understand we have to prioritise some work that is fundamental to the business.

    As such we think it will prove helpful to you all if we set out our timelines for responding to certain requests. These are realistic timelines and are in line with most other businesses. If anything that you request is very urgent, the sooner you get it in the sooner we will be able to get back to you and on certain occasions we may be able to expedite and response. Please note, that we sometimes require extra time as may need to research the answer, contact relevant institutions or simply require input from personnel outside of either HR or the business as a whole.

    RequestResponse Time
    Council Forms (Housing/Tax)7 Working Days
    Proof of Employment3 Working Days
    Holidays – Apprentices7 Working Days
    Holidays – Senior Staff14 Working Days
    References7 Working Days
    Reapplication20 Working Days & Acknowledge We Have Received the Application Within 2 Days
    CertificatesApprentices to Have Them as Soon as We Have Them All. Ex Apprentices to Arrange A Date for Collection
    P45Arrange a Date for Collection within 3 Working Days