PREVENT is a programme to identify and protect vulnerable people from terrorism and radicalisation.

    Terrorist organisations can come in many forms and for a variety of reasons.
    Remember: Not every person who has a belief is a terrorist. Terrorism is only carried out by an extreme minority and often drastically deviates from what it so-called represents.

    Signs of Radicalisation:

    • Isolating themselves from family and friends
    • Talking as if from a scripted speech
    • Unwillingness or inability to discuss their views
    • A sudden disrespectful attitude towards others
    • Increased levels of anger
    • Increased secretiveness, especially around internet use

    Who to call:

    Call 101 if you need police advice about how to handle someone you expect of being radicalised

    If you think someone is an immediate threat call 999 and ask for the Police
    Or contact the Counter Terrorism hotline on 0800 789 321