Code Of Conduct

    LearnPlay Foundation prides itself on the services it provides to our clients. We have built up a strong reputation over the past 10 years through our staff who represent the organisation and are ambassadors of what we provide and what we stand for.

    We are located in a character building that also has other offices within the complex both underneath and to the side. All staff must be mindful of this and as such the following must be abided by:

    1. Be courteous to all people in the building & ensure you maintain a polite and positive manner in public places; allow any other person you encounter in the building to exit the lifts before you enter and say hello to any people in the building as you pass them.
    2. No swearing or bad language will be tolerated ANYWHERE in the building, within the courtyard or immediately outside of the building.
    3. No running anywhere in the building.
    4. Noise levels MUST be kept to a minimum in all public spaces and within our office space.
    5. LearnPlay is now a no smoking company. Under the terms of the lease it is strictly prohibited anywhere in the building or courtyard. If any member of staff contravenes this it will result in instant dismissal and may also be criminally actioned by the landlord.
    6. Threatening behaviour to any other person within the building will not be tolerated and may lead to police involvement & dismissal.
    7. Do not go into areas within the building that you do not have permission to enter such as the basement.
    8. You are not free to wander around the building outside of your lunch hour and you may not enter unauthorised parts of the building.
    9. Car parking is not provided, please use the public car parks.
    10. Toilets – there is limited facilities on Floor 2. Please make sure you leave toilets in a suitable state for other people to use;
    11. LearnPlay cannot take responsibility for any personal items that you bring onto the premises
    12. No coats/hoodies are permitted on the backs of chair as it is a health & safety hazard.
    13. Equipment cannot be accessed without prior permission. Theft or damage may be escalated within the grievance procedure resulting in dismissal and the police may be contacted.
    14. Headphones/earphones are not allowed unless you have been given prior permission by your Department Head. If given permission, one ear phone must be out at all times for Health and Safety reasons.
    15. Please do not wear hats, outdoor coats and scarfs, hoods, tracksuit bottoms or offensive t-shirts inside the office during work hours.
    16. All holidays must be booked through the correct company procedure. If unsure, please speak to HR.
    17. Please ensure you sign in and out of your department.
    18. Please follow company procedure to report lateness and absences as it may incur a grievance procedure as well as result in an unpaid holiday.
    19. The use of computers for non-work related activities (social media, downloading, films, indecent/adult content etc) will result in disciplinary procedure and/or dismissal and could result in police involvement.
    20. No loitering in any areas that are outside of suites 9 & 10 (LPF Offices), this includes the courtyard and stairways.
    21. Please ensure that you keep your Key Fob safe (this is used to enter LPF offices). Do not abuse the use of your Key Fob. If your Key Fob is lost or not returned at the end of your employment, there will be a £10 deduction made from your final payment.
    22. If for any reason you are permitted to work from home, you MUST ensure that you fill out a ‘Working from Home’ time sheet in order for payments to be granted.

    Working from home timesheets