New Starter Information

    Please find below some useful web/email addresses you may need :

    LearnPlay Website :

    Intranet :

    Pass : PurplePufferfish

    Here you will find information about our company, our teams, it will allow you to get accustomed to ‘who’s who’ before you get to meet them , news, announcements etc. It’s our Internal LPF page , dedicated to employees only, please do not share these details with any 3rd party.

    HR Department :
    Finance Department :
    Senior Team :
    Georgia Smith (Projects & Account Lead):
    Alina Gheorghe (Operations Lead & Directors EA) :
    Rachel Kehoe ( Director of Learning):

    DH emails :
    Web : Leanne Bragg:
    Graphic Design : Liam Page :
    Film : Kallum Wright:
    Games Development: Chris Whitehouse :