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    Good morning everyone,

    May I start by thanking every and each one of you for the support you offered LPF during these testing times.

    I know it is a very uncertain and hard period for all of us, but we are known for our resilience and strength. We are doing everything in our power to keep LPF afloat . We are working hard every day but I am sure we will succeed and  get on the other side stronger.

    And when I say we – it is all of us. We can only be successful if we work as a Team.

    So we have decided to be more open with the ‘Thank you’s and we are putting in place a new scheme for all to enjoy : Awards

    We will have :

    • Employee of the Month
    • Peer award
    • Covid-19 Champions Award

    The winners will receive vouchers, a place on our  LPF Wall of Fame – virtually for now and once we will be back in the office we shall have a designated place for it as well –  Social Media Recognition, peers’ recognition.

    The Management Team has chosen their Employee of the Month !

    So now it’s your turn to start voting for The Peer Award ! This is your chance to say thank you to somebody who helped you or who was a role model. Shine a spotlight on somebody within the business that YOU think deserves some recognition.

    Send your nomination to HR : hr@learnplayfoundation.com  and choose your winner !

    The deadline for voting is this upcoming Thursday, 4th June 2020 , at noon .   So don’t miss the chance and express your views !

    All winners to be announced next Monday 8th June 2020 !!!!

    We also have more and exciting news on the way so check this page !

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